I want this blog to be more than just my clothes, I want it to be my food, my music, my friends, my ventures, my life, and today gave me the opportunity to do just that. My friend Cathy and I decided to go down to Santa Monica, we wanted to do a little shopping, maybe get a bite to eat, then head over to the pier to catch the sunset.

If you’re not familiar with the Santa Monica area, there is a street called the 3rd st. Promenade, basically it’s two long blocks of restaurants, stores, and street performers, so naturally that was our first stop. Despite our hunger, we stopped by Urban Outfitters to pick out some sunglasses because the sun just-wont-stop. I also gathered a couple of things from Brandy Melville which you’ll see a post about real soon!

After filling our stomachs with two of the blandest meals of our lives, we went into a candy store where we found the joy that is “Butterscotch Beer,” which even if you’re like me and are not a crazed Harry Potter fan is a must try if you’re into butterscotch or cream soda.

img_5125 img_5104


OK, OK! So, because I knew that I was going straight to dance class after our little trip, I basically wore dance clothes with a jean jacket (which as we all know is my codependent), and a pair of last minute cruisers, but Cathy put some actual thought into her outfit and asked me to share it with you all.

  • Top & Shorts: American Apparel
  • Belt & Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
  • Sweater: Thrifted
  • Bag: Brandy Melville



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