I love basing outfits off of eras or even movie characters, and sometimes I don’t even realize I did until after I put it on. This one has a very 70s vibe to it (taxi cab anyone?), which I know was all the rage last year but as the sun continues to blaze down upon us I decided to break out this old skirt from Topshop that incorporated autumn colors to the outfit while still keeping it fresh. I paired this skirt with a ballerina style top from Forever 21, which look it’s not my favorite store but there are definitely some hidden gems there, and finally, I topped the look off with nude platform sandals from American Apparel.  Oh, I also tied a little black corduroy string around my neck and wore it as choker, this would also look good with any other kind or color of strings that you may have at home as well, so go nuts!

Today was such a great day over-all, after taking these pictures my aunt treated me to some boba which I hadn’t had in such a long time! I also started dancing again, maybe I can do a sort of dance look book kind of thing?

(p.s. check out Time of the Season by The Zombies.. i’m obsessed)





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