Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I know the coming Mondays can be daunting but a good way to soften the blow is to wear your favorite, most comfiest over sized sweater like this one from Forever 21, and remember it’s a new week! I am currently so obsessed with blush tones and over exaggerated sleeves,  the former and latter seem to be popping up everywhere so definitely keep an eye out (specially for the exaggerated sleeves, and not just bell sleeves, but long sleeves, ruffle sleeves, and so on).

A classic pair of jeans, or if you’re like me and you live somewhere where the sun don’t rest, a cute pair of denim shorts is the best way to go. I chose this old pair of reworked Levis, which are way too big but oh so comfy. This look would also go nicely with some denim overalls (I know I am denim obsessed). I wore this with my go-to boots from ZARA and some simple gold jewelry because I just loved how all the colors went together.




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