You win some you lose some. That’s all I can really say about this outfit. OK, I lied I have a lot to say: For one, today hit 85 degrees here and that is way too hot when every store at the mall is filled with over sized coats, giant scarves, and velvet blazers (which I love and everyone should have at least one in their closet), that said, Juliet style tops like this one are also a must have this fall/winter, specially if you’re dealing with a delayed winter. Even if you’re not, it would look great with one of those velvet blazers since you could pull out the sleeves for that real Hendrix vibe.

I got this skinny scarf from Forever 21 a couple days ago and I love it so much! I was so excited to wear this that I went against mother nature. Bad. Choice. This led to me putting together a less that adequate outfit, at least from the waist down; I paired this with an old pair of jeans, though if I were to do it again i’d go for some mid waisted denim bell bottoms. Anyhow, finished off with these low cut booties my aunt lent me, and I know that sounds a little gross but they’ve only been worn maybe once before. Also, I have no idea where the jeans are from but i’ll try to find out and let you know.

  • Top: Forever 21



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