I adore the color black, it makes everything seem so effortlessly chic, so when the cold starts rolling in the black outfits do too. While layering a bunch of black pieces can usually give you a quick but put together outfit for almost every occasion, I sometimes feel like my closet falls into a black rut, the key to avoiding this is to not be afraid to bring in some colorful, maybe even out of season colors that could tie your whole outfit together. Remember, black goes with everything..well, almost everything.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always been interested in pieces that may feel “out of place” or are total statement pieces, so even when I decide to drape myself in the latest shade of noir, I usually like adding something that pops out. Something as simple as a cute nail polish and the right accessories can really tie in nicely with a classic black outfit. I chose to go with a black miniskirt with colorful embroidery from Topshop , my favorite nail polish by Pop-arazzi (sapphire desire), and a black purse from ZARA which came with a red pom pom hanging from the handle. This, paired with black bellow the knee boots and a black turtleneck cardigan, makes for a casual but less than subtle black outfit.

  • Sweater: Zara
  • Boots: Forever 21




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