Fall is finally here, and as the days gradually get cooler jackets and scarves start to make an undeniable reappearance. I mean what’s not to love about fall? The colors of the leaves, the festive array of seasonal drinks, the cozy sweaters, the cool and calm weather–oh, I’m sorry did I say calm weather? No, no, no, I meant incredibly unpredictable and my closet is in complete distress weather. But there’s no denying it is the perfect time to whip out your favorite fall/winter boots which could go perfectly with anything from a good pair of jeans to a cute skirt and some tights. I paired my go-to boots and Victorian style blouse from ZARA, which is a great place to find transitional weather pieces, with my absolute favorite distressed high rise A Gold E jeans which I copped from Nasty Gal.

I was initially planning on adding a nice belly button length necklace, but decided to keep it simple by layering some rings as the top has some really pretty and delicate details that I didn’t want to outshine. I didn’t really get to picture them but I’m wearing a couple of gold rings and a cow printed one as well. And yes, you read correctly; cow printed ring. I’ve always had an eye for the out of place and this ring really complemented such a minimalist outfit.







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