Last Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy Halloween! Glad to be kicking things off on the only day of the year that really matters, in my opinion ∆∆∆ I may be a bit late on this and by this time most of you have rallied up a costume, but lets be honest most of us leave halloween till the last minute anyway.

SO! Without further ado here are a couple of last last minute costumes you can conjure up at home.



This one is probably, most definitely, my favorite. Its super easy, you can pretty much just pick out your favorite outfit, fluff up your hair, and finish off with their signature star freckled face.

  • Top: thrifted  (downtown LA)
  • Shorts: thrifted (laguna beach)
  • Heels: Top Shop (no longer available here are some similar ones)
  • Socks: Top Shop (again not available but they always have fun new socks)
  • Sun Glasses: My living room?



Fun and easy (*lol tru*). Dig around for any bright, borderline over the top clothing and put it together, whip out your curls (or curling iron thats good too) and bam you’re a part of the second biggest millennial fashion mishaps (2000s takes the crap crown).

  • Floral unitard: Forever 21 (kinda similar)
  • Pink dress shirt: thrifted (Goodwill)
  • Denim shorts: thrifted (downtown LA)
  • Purple tights: Target (similar ones)
  • Converse: Converse store (exact)

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